Long Range Plan cont'd:

Goal: Act as a central source for information about and support of the wide variety of programs, services and activities available to Batavia residents by

Objective:  Establishing and promoting the library as a clearninghouse for community resources, services, agencies and organizations

Activities 2013

  • Create a physical and virtual Community Information Center
         Resources include Federal, State, Local forms (including tax forms)
  • Local announcements (ex. rabies clinic, recycling, prescription drug drop-off
  • Physical space includes new shelving, storage and signage
  • Virtual space includes new link/page on webpage
  • Establish additional working relationships with local businesses and community groups to help promote library resources
  • Local businesses and community organizations that have working partnerships with the library are given "advertising" space in the Community Information Center
  • Use READ promotion to designate library/community partnerships
  • Begin preparations for a Speaker/Specialist Contact list which will be available at the library
  • Create and promote local music collection
  • Update RML history brochure for upcoming anniversary

Activities 2014

  • Community Information Center is completely established - publicity of the "Center" is the focus
  • Continue partnering with area businesses/organizations and giving advertising space in the "Center"
  • Tax form area completely revamped as part of the physical, virtual Community Information Center
  • RML history brochure is part of the "Center" and used as a catalyst to collect additional local histories of significant sites, organizations, establishments, etc.
  • Continue to create local music collection - focus on promotion of the collection

Objective: Partnering with local agencies to coordinate volunteer opportunities

Activities 2013

  • Redesign our volunteer program and make all staff aware of the changes in  process, policy, etc.
  • Contact local agencies to assess volunteer needs, guidelines, existing  applications, etc.
  • Compile list of volunteer opportunities available in the community
    Provide space (table) for area agencies to promote their programs and recruit volunteers
  • Discuss with RML Friends of the Library the establishment of a Jurnior Friends Group

Actvities 2014

  • Volunteer opportunities in our community are incorporated into our
      Community Information Center
  • Coordination of local volunteer needs is standardized and updated annually
  • Availability of volunteer information provided to Batavia public, private schools
  • Based on discussions made with Friends of RML, Junior Friends group is created
  • Family volunteering opportunities list created and promoted

Desired Outcomes for Goal: Clearinghouse for community resources

  • Community Information Center which includes community volunteer
      opportunities established
  • Area residents and organizations actively use these services