2015 - 2016 Richmond Memorial Library Annual Report

(More recent data is not yet available)
Circulation total 254,783
Circulation by material type
Adult Books  
Children's Books  
Audio Visual & Other (Adult)  
Audio Visual & Other (Children)  
Inter-Library Loan
Number of items borrowed from other libraries 14,047
Number of items loaned to other libraries  
Reference Questions Answered  
Internet Terminals for Public Use  
Number of in-library users of public Internet computers 33,759
Number of visits to library's website
School District Tax Revenue  
Genesee County Funding  
State Aid  
State Grants  
Federal Aid  
Gifts and Endowments  
Library Charges (fines, printing)  
Income from Investments     
Materials budget  
Local Use
Number of library card holders 21,805
Number of people entering the library 166,802
Programs for Children
Number of programs  
Number of children attending  
Programs for Young Adults
Number of programs  
Number of young adults attending  
Programs for Adults
Number of programs  
Number of adults attending  
The Collections
Total items in the collection 118,643
Adult books  
Children's books  
Serials, magazines, newspapers  
Audiovisual materials  
Electronic Books  
Electronic Databases  
Other Electronic Materials  
Current Serial Subscriptions  
Downloadable Audio Visual Units  

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