Long Range Plan 2013 - 2017

Mission Statement

Richmond Memorial Library continually provides access to physical and virtual resources and services that meet the educational, informational and recreational needs of its diverse community in a safe and comfortable environment.


The purpose of this plan is to provide guided direction for library growth and development in the years 2013-2017. The components of the plan provide the structure through which the library will fulfill its mission to the community.


Having successfully completed the previous long range plan, the Board of Trustees of the Richmond Memorial Library decided to repeat the process in an effort to extend and update the library's long range plan through 2017. A similar format to the previous plan was agreed upon; utilizing an outside facilitator, including two board members, and engaging community members. The American Library Association's New Planning for Results provided the outline for the planning process. Mary Zangerle was selected as the facilitator, assited by library director Diana Wyrwa. Letters sent to potential community representatives yielded eleven positive responses with nine community members able to attend regularly (Appendix A). Four core committee meetings took place during October and November, 2012. Data from those four meetings were reviewed and evaluated by facilitator Mary Zangerle and library director Diana Wyrwa. Data analysis resulted in the following four goals and accompanying objectives:

Richmond Memorial Library seeks to:


Progress towards the achievement of goals will be quantified through the gathering of relevant monthly statistics, i.e. counts of users, program attendance, circulation, etc. Statistics will be analyzed on a quarterly basis to ensure ongoing evaluation of activities initiated through this plan.

In addition, relevant anecdotal measurements found in program evaluations, suggestion box comments, emails, conversations with library patrons will also be considered in relation to overall goal achievement. Lastly, a variety of survey instruments will be developed and distributed to measure the level of patron satisfaction with the newly developed programs and services and whether or not the library is meeting the needs of the community through their programs and services. All surveys will be made available electronically for ease of access by the public at large.


Evaluation of the library's long range plan will take place on a continuous basis. "Long Range Plan" will continue as a montly agenda item for the Board of Trustees. A more thorough review of the plan will take place during the third quarter of each fiscal year. Proposed activities and desired outcomes for each goal and objective will be developed by the library director and staff then presented for approval on an annual basis to the Board of Trustees.

This Long Range Plan is a dynamic document that will be monitored, adjusted and amended as necessary. Overall goals and objectives will remain stable but activities and outcomes will be written in two-year blocks to allow for more specificity and tangible results.

The Long Range Plan will remain an agenda item at each staff meeting. Monitoring the progress of the plan will be discussed as well as suggestions for future activities and outcomes.

2012 Long Range Planning Community Members

  • Val Antonetty
  • Dianne Boeheim
  • Tonia Burton
  • Dana Charters
  • Kristi Evans
  • John Holder
  • Laurie Oltramari
  • Jennifer Reardon
  • Dr. Cezina Rocha
  • Tracy Stokes
  • Jack Weather
  • Diana Wyrwa, Library Director
  • Mary Zangerle, Facilitator