Benefits of Library Visits may include:

  • Free home delivery of library services
  • Sage logoPersonalized visits through a volunteer system
  • No overdue fines
  • Longer lending periods
  • Equipment for loan, including :
    Books stands
    Portable CD players
  • Decreased isolation
  • Increased social and intellectual engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will choose the library materials I receive?

The SAGE Coordinator or a SAGE volunteer will choose items based on your preferences and requests. You may also choose materials from your home computer through your online library account.

Who will deliver my library services?

We have wonderful volunteers available to deliver, or you may have a family member or friend deliver, if you prefer.

I am only truly homebound during the winter months.  Am I eligible?

Any Genesee Count resident at least 60 who is confined to his/her home, even temporarily, is eligible to receive SAGE Program library visits.

Ready to receive Library Visits?

If you already have a Richmond Memorial Library card, please return your completed Interest Form to the library and SAGE staff will contact you.

If you do not have a Richmond Memorial Library card, please contact the SAGE Coordinator at (343-9550 x 6) or