Giving Reading Opportunities

The GRO Program (Giving Reading Opportunities) is dedicated to raising awareness in our area of the benefits of early literacy and making books available to children and their families. Through our Adopted Books Center program we hope to create and sustain a community of active readers.

Adopted Book Centers

Adopted Book Centers are the little green bookshelves located in area Laundromats, doctor's offices, and the offices of agencies and organizations throughout Batavia. Preschool children are encouraged to select a book from the Center to adopt and take home every time they visit. Parents are urged to read aloud to their children from these and other books on a daily basis.

The program allows children who might not have ready access to age-appropriate books the opportunity to develop their own home libraries and establish the love of reading from an early age. It reinforces to parents the important role they play in the development of their child’s academic success before they reach school age.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved in supporting preschool literacy, there are several ways that you can help:

Donate Books If you have gently used preschool books to recycle for other children’s benefit, there are brightly colored book drop boxes at Jackson, John Kennedy, St. Joseph Elementary and St. Paul Lutheran School, as well as, at the Richmond Memorial Library. Just leave your donated books at any of these locations, and our volunteers will collect, sort, and distribute them.

Volunteer Your Time If your group or organization is interested in a more “hands on” project, you could adopt several book centers to service. We need volunteers willing to devote a few hours a week to sort and distribute books on a regular basis to our Adopted Book Center Sites. To find out about our volunteer program and training, contact the children's librarian,

Working together we can create and sustain a community of active readers. Join us in this important work and help our children GRO.