Friday 's at 10:00am - Wilber-Fox room

Beginning July 5th

Ages 7-11 join Miss Kelly every Friday at 10:00 AM as we explore all types of Nature! We will have different activities based on the week’s theme, from crafts, to games, to science experiments! We hope to explore the library property on pleasant weather days.

Please register for each week separately.

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July 5th - Exploring Pollinators - We will explore our new Observing Pollinators kit and learn to use the tools to count pollinators in our area!


July 12th - Birds! Learn how to identify birds by sound and sight, then decorate your own field notebook. We will work all summer to complete the iBird NY 2024 Challenge entry and submit for kids who complete the challenge.


July 19th - Bats! Why are Bats special? The secret lives of Bats!


July 26th - Butterflies! How many can you identify? Do you have a favorite?


August 2nd - Moths! We are not Butterflies! Let’s learn what makes moths different from butterflies.


August 9th - Beetles & flies are pollinators too!


August 16th - Animal Tracks! Who has been here and What signs to look for!